Improving Cell Phone Reception

Cellular Repeaters

Cellular repeaters are an emerging technology product designed to repair areas of poor cellular reception. The logistics of building a cellular network mean that there will inevitably be areas which are either too far from a cell tower, or are shielded from picking up signal due to being obscured by larger buildings. However, a solution to this problem is arriving in the form of cell phone repeaters. These are bi-directional amplifiers, which when installed, can permanently boost the signal in your home/office/vehicle.

Benefits of Improved Cell Reception

The benefits of installing a cell phone repeater extend beyond the improved cell signal and reduction in dropped calls: Battery life can be vastly improved as your phone will no longer have to operate at full power to try and send a signal to the nearest cell tower. As the cell signal is improved, cell phones are programmed to reduce their power output when it is no longer necessary to operate at full power. Another benefit of cell phone repeaters is the reduction in radio frequency radiation which is broadcast in the vicinity of your head. This is also due to the reduction in operating power of your cell phone after a cellular repeater is installed.

Cell Repeater Systems

A cellular repeater system consists of three parts: First, an external ‘donor’ antenna, which receives the signal from the nearest cell tower. This is connected via a low loss coaxial cable to the actual cellular amplifier, where the cell signal is boosted. The final part of the cellular amplification system is an internal antenna, which is where the freshly boosted cell signal is rebroadcasted from.

Recent Developments

Dual Band repeater systems are becoming more and more popular due to their simplicity and widespread appeal. Dual Band repeaters are compatible with both the cellular frequencies, which means they will work with all cellular network providers. Examples of these include the Wilson SOHO Amplifier and the Wi-Ex zBoost YX-510 amplifier. More recently, zBoost announce the first sub $100 and fully portable repeater in the shape of the zBoost zP Personal Repeater. This is an exciting new device that is designed to be a ‘potable cell zone’ in the sense that it only has enough power for one user, and is mobile enough to be taken everywhere with the user. The zBoost zP Personal Repeater will be available from mid-June onwards. The Wilson SOHO Amplifier and the zBoost YX-510 are both available now.