Do You Know the Top Three Golf Aids to Improve Your Golf Swing?

If you play golf, you are always looking for a way to improve your golf swing. Without a doubt, the best way to achieve the perfect golf swing is to get good quality golf swing instructions. Unfortunately, not all instructors are created equal. Even when you find a good trainer, he can only take you so far. To master your golf lessons, you still need to do a lot of work on your own. Luckily, there are inexpensive tools and golf aids that can help you.

The most important principle to improve your golf swing is practice. Correct practice. Lots and lots of practice. The top three golf aids listed below are selected with this central principle in mind – to give you the ability to do lots of correct practice.

1. More golf balls.

To get lots of practice, you need lots of golf balls. How many do you have? Ten? Twenty? I say that’s not enough. You need at least a hundred. You need to be able to just swing away at the ball, without having to go pick them up. If you just hit the ball five or ten times every time you practice, you will never improve.

A quick check at Amazon shows that a dozen balls sell for around $15 to $30. Wilson’s Staff Fifty, which travels 250 yards (as tested by CNN’s Golf Lab), costs $15. If you don’t have the budget for new golf balls, secondhand balls are a good choice. Modern golf balls are very resilient and can last you very many games. Amazon offers good quality used golf balls like Titleists NXT Tour, (which travels 254 yards), at $37 for 36 balls. If you look carefully, you can get even better deals on eBay, effectively paying $0.50 per ball.

2. Golf net.

Whether you hit your balls at the driving range or at home, a net is a must. At the driving range, having your own net helps you to easily recover your golf balls after your practice session. After all, you don’t want to hunt for your golf balls every time you finish your practice, do you? And there is no way for you to practice at home without a net.

You can buy a golf net at your local golf shop, or look for a good deal from Amazon on eBay. You’ll find that some nets are easy to set up and take down, but a bit flimsy. Others are sturdy but difficult to set up. What you get will depend on your needs. If you have a fixed place to practice at home, buy the sturdier net. If you need to take your net to the driving range, then pick the one which is easier to put up and dismantle.

You can even make your own golf net. Just use a double or triple layer of fine-meshed fishing net and you ready for lots of practice.

3. Digicam/Videocam.

The third essential (and inexpensive) golf aid is a digital camera. Set it up on its tripod or a folding chair and turn it on. Record your golf swings and play them back in slow motion. Find out where your mistakes are and fix them your next practice session. Fix your mistakes one by one and improve your golf swing step by step. Compare the playback of your swing against a good reference – either borrow a good golf swing book from your local library or look at the videos on the PGA’s web-site.

Home Loans- a Fillip to Your Desire to Rise on Property Ladder

When Mr. Wilson, your colleague at office, shifted to the posh London locality, you were taken for a shock. How could Mr. Wilson manage to buy a home with his paltry income when you still had to make do in your two-room apartment? You are not necessarily jealous but surprised at the turn of events. Had you been aware of the uses of home loan, the event would not have been as jolting as it is now.

It is true that many of the people are not aware of home loans. In addition, those who are aware of home loans have drawn several misconceptions regarding their use. This has deprived a majority of the people of home loans and thus deprived them of opportunities to boost their standard of living by shifting to a better house in a better locality.

A Home loans [] is primarily a mortgage. The most important purpose to which a home loan is put to is buying or constructing a home, which corresponds to the function of a mortgage, i.e. buying or constructing home. There are other uses too that a home loan can be put to. For these uses, the home loan becomes similar to a home equity loan where the equity in home backs the repayment of the loan. The traditional uses of the home loan in debt settlement, car purchase or in undertaking home improvement involves using the equity in home for providing finance to the borrowers.

Borrowers can pledge up to four family residences for a home loan. As mentioned above, the home/ homes so pledged serve the purpose of backing the loan repayments. In the normal circumstances, when home loan repayments are made regularly, the borrower can claim his home as soon as the full repayments are made. It needs to be stated at this stage that pledging the home to collateral does not mean a cessation of the rights to stay in the home. You continue to exercise the right to stay in the house as you continue with your duties to pay property tax and keep the home in a good condition.

Some of us will picture this as a situation wherein you are getting everything without having to lose anything. Though true to some extent, it is not absolutely correct. Lenders charge interest at a certain rate of interest and this is completely justifiable. Had the lender deposited or invested the amount lent, he would have got a certain amount in terms of interest. Many lenders do not charge fees for their services and a home loan would thus be the cheapest option available to borrowers.

Add to this the convenience in repayment through several monthly instalments. The monthly instalments enable the borrowers to repay the home loan through his monthly revenue. The tenants can especially advantage from the repayment method. The amount that they had been paying for the rented apartment can be channellised to the loan repayments.

For borrowers, who fear that the hike in interest rate will substantially increase their interest cost, loan providers have come up with several interest options on home loans. These interest options, though not covering the home loan borrowers for the entire term of repayment, give them relief for a particular time period. Fixed rate method of charging interest, for instance keep the interest rate stable for a maximum period of five years. Similar is the time period for capped rate method where interest is not allowed to rise beyond a certain level but allowed to fall freely.

Refinance presents another important technique of saving your hard-earned pounds from being wasted on an interest hike. As soon as you find that the interest rates are rising, you switch over to a loan provider who is offering a better rate of interest. However, you must ensure that the original loan provider does not expressly prohibit prepayment and refinance through a penalty clause.

When being used as a mortgage, the lender would not invest the entire amount needed to affect the purchase or construction of home. The borrower will have to put in a certain percentage of the purchase price. While this helps minimise the risk on the lender, he would reward this with a better-term home loan deal.

Home loan comes as an important finance method for those who are aspiring to go up in the property ladder. The ability to use the home loan amount for uses other than buying or constructing house makes home loans extra advantageous.